Configure everything from one place with WebAdmin server settings

The default settings are usually good enough for most installations, but sometimes an administrators need to adjust the settings according to his or company´s requirements. IceWarp server has a wide variety of configuration options that control its behavior and adjust many aspects of the setup. IceWarp server settings are the familiar options from the administration console and old WebAdmin that let administrators configure global server settings according to their preferences.

First you need to find path to the Server settings. After successful login into WebAdmin 11.4 just click on the main menu icon in the left top corner (internally called hamburger) and select Server settings from the popup window. Within Server settings you will find 3 main tabs with options:


This tab lets you enable or disable selected services for the user. You can choose from both, login policy and password policy as well. These policies can be applied to all users from WebAdmin account. Policy options offer powerful ways to secure user accounts against attacks or abuse by setting minimum password requirements or a number of failed login attempts. Every administrator must be aware that login policy settings are applied to all types of authentication in IceWarp Server (SMTP, POP3, IMAP, HTTP, etc.). Within Policies tab is also possible to directly download Outlook Sync installer and remotly manage the settings and licensing.

Smart discover

The auto discovery service is essential for convenient setup of mobile devices, OS X client application as well as Outlook Sync and EM Client. Administrators can setup hostname or alias of the server, where services runs, so end users only supply their email address and password and all other connection details like available protocols, ports, URLs and server addresses are then retrieved automatically from the server. You can simply set all settings to new domain name by clicking on the blue button in the right top corner. Than fill in the domain name and click save. Now everything is set to the selected domain. Within URL section fields, only the relevant address parts are changed, other parts are kept.


In this section administrators can generate the default SSL certificate, add multiple own certificates, or create CSR request to purchase commercial certificates that provide users with extended validation of the server they are connecting to.The default certificate is displayed as the first in the list and is integrated certificate that is shipped with IceWarp Server. To create CSR or server certificate click on the blue button in the right top corner. New dialoque will popup and you can fill in the certificate details. You have to fulfill BITS field, if not, error message is shown.

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